Saturday, January 9, 2010

El Comienzo

Good morning. Most days begin and end with no significant occurrence in our waking hours. An optimist would say that by merely waking in the morning and breathing and moving and living, we ourselves are a significant occurrence. I do view myself as an optimist, but in terms of this post, let's just say I'm a realist. However, today will be a significant day. Today is the day that I begin this blog. Hello January 9th.

The short-term purpose of this blog is to document my training experience as I train for the Kentucky Derby Festival Mini Marathon in April, and then for a triathlon which I will complete in August. I will document my workouts, my diet, what I drink, how I feel, who I meet. The long-term purpose of this blog is to relish in the fact that I have recorded my hard work, and perhaps to reflect on it all again at a later time.

The frustration I am feeling right now is the fact that I have so many different forms of exercise to choose from and that I want to do, and I find that I can't do them all every week. Currently I swim, I run, I lift, I do Bikram yoga. I have a month-long pass at Betsy's Hot Yoga that I would like to use soon. Prioritization is the key. Today I will go to Target and buy a white board with a calendar so I can write down my workouts. I am so visual it is not even funny. Once I have these workouts in front of me, I know I'll feel some relief.

For breakfast I ate low-sugar oatmeal with half a banana on top and I've had a couple of glasses of water to drink. I'm on my second load of laundry and it's a little after 9 am. I will be tempted to talk about all sorts of issues on this blog, but since I choose to expose it to the public, it is best to stick to its main purpose.

The journey begins today.


  1. I love the ear bud helpers! They really do help!

  2. Hey Rae! Loving the blog BTW, I just had a little question (topic?) i was interested in learning more about. It is not urgent, you have the whole year to touch on it. It was just about protein and how important it is to get in one's diet, esp for those of us who love potatoes, don't eat meat and exercise a bit/are training this year or just over all aim to get 'fitter'/less unfit?/more tone..