Thursday, March 31, 2011

Countdown to the Bridge Run

This time tomorrow I will be en route to Charleston for the Cooper River Bridge Run and a relaxing weekend! The bridge run is a 10k which starts across the river in Mt. Pleasant, takes us across the Cooper River Bridge and through downtown. Here are some views of the bridge!

It looks relatively flat, but it's not. I've only been over it in a vehicle and it's quite a climb, so I know running over it will be tough! I'm not going to take my iPhone or a camera with me during the run so I won't have any action shots, but perhaps a photographer will get some of me.

This will be the biggest run I've ever done, in terms of participation. The runs I've been doing in the past month have had less than 10,000 participants each. The Bridge Run has over 30,000 registered and it is SOLD OUT!

The last 10k I ran (Rodes City Run on March 12) I finished in 58:58. My PR for a 10k is 54:45. I have three additional weeks of training under my belt and I feel pretty confident that I can beat 58:58. With the exception of the climb up the bridge (approx. 1-1.5 miles of the entire route) the rest is flat or downhill.

Because I'll be coming from Seabrook Island (approx. 35 minutes away) I'll have to wake up SUPER early - like 4 am, and then I'm taking a van downtown. It's going to be in the mid to high 50s around race time, and hopefully sunny!

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!

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  1. That bridge look menacing. I wonder how windy it will be!? I think the best part is the view! Good luck!