Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Maybe Cleanses Aren't For Me

I am sorry I dropped the ball big time on this follow up!

Back in January I attempted to do a three day smoothie cleanse through Life Bar.  Had I done my due diligence about what to do and what not to do during a cleanse, maybe I would have gotten through it OK.  However, I didn't do my homework, and ended up eating a small, solid food dinner every night.  I am still giving myself a hard time about it!  Last week I was in Life Bar and I admitted that I "failed" the cleanse.  The staff there was very forgiving and told me not to be so hard on myself.  There are two things I did that I probably shouldn't have done which contributed to my misery:

1. Drank caffeine.  I drink one cup of coffee daily, and continued to do so during those three days.
2. Exercised.  I didn't do anything as extreme as hot yoga, but I did swim, and instead I should have rested and reserved my energy.

I told the Life Bar folks that it would be very helpful to give customers some type of pamphlet or brochure on cleanse "rules."  There are healthier parts of the country, like California, where everyone probably already knows the rules and would scoff at that suggestion.  However, Louisville, although slowly getting to a healthier state, still has a lot of learning and growing to do.

Despite it all, I still fully support and appreciate Life Bar and their mission and will continue to be a customer there.

So what else is new?  I am varying my exercise big time - mixing up running, hot yoga, swimming, and circuit training each week.  I will share this circuit exercise with you as I've done it 2-3 times and find it extremely efficient and effective!  This is from a blog called Peanut Butter Runner. 

weekend warm up workout

If you're short on time, but want to squeeze something in, I highly recommend the above.  My cardio of choice has been running every time, but I would like to try it with rowing soon...perhaps tomorrow!

Hope everyone is staying warm.  Each day that passes brings us closer to Spring!


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