Friday, January 15, 2010

Keep The Car Running

Last night at Milestone, I jumped on this platform that looks like a simple scale, but it's actually a body composition analysis machine. After telling the personal trainer what your age and height are, you receive a receipt with your weight, your BMI, your fat % index, and a few other stats. I plan to receive this analysis monthly to see how my work is paying off.

As of yesterday, 1/14/10:

My weight: 117.0 lbs
My BMI: 20.1
My Fat %: 22.7%

(the decimals might be off)

I'm anxious to see how it changes month to month. In the past few weeks, I've noticed that my arms are more defined and my shoulders look broader as if I'm taking on a swimmer's body.

Running is going well too. One of my goals is to get through my running races without being slowed down by petty injuries like a pulled hamstring. In the past couple of years, I've had numerous injuries in my lower half that have really hindered me from reaching my full potential. In order to be successful this year, I have to be consistent, and I have to be careful. The preventative measures I'm taking involve more strength training and really watching my mileage. Although it is necessary for me to log enough miles every week to build endurance, I will not increase my mileage by more than 10-15% per week. Having my workouts on the white board calendar proves to be very helpful in both regards.

Last night I ran three miles at a brisk pace, not quite MMP (mini marathon pace), and did strength training and stretching for 25 minutes or so. This morning I did 20minutes on the AMT machine and then ran 10 minutes. Tomorrow calls for 5 miles...thank goodness it's above freezing outside!

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