Thursday, May 20, 2010

Let the Weddings Begin

So yesterday turned out to be a very busy and productive day! On top of all my workouts, I washed my mom's car and vacuumed the inside. I probably neglected to say this, but on Derby day I got into a car accident (it wasn't my fault). Since May 1, I've been driving my mom's car, but I'm supposed to get Big Blue back today. Hurray!

This morning I woke up at 7 am (just like old times) and ate a light breakfast and met my mom at the gym for an 8 am yoga class. It was titled Yoga Gentle, and compared to Bikram, it was definitely gentle. I was the youngest person in the class by 20+ years and we did a lot of back twists, side angle, and triangle. It was chilly, for me at least, because I'm used to a yoga room being 100+ degrees. During Savasana I almost fell asleep! Afterwards mom bought me a healthy muffin at the gym cafe and we are going to meet for lunch today in about an hour.

Once I got home I took Danica (Alice's dog) on a 35-40 minute walk and now here we are.

Tonight is the first wedding event! Stefanie wanted all her bridesmaids and friends who are in Louisville to get together for a casual dinner downtown so we are doing just that. I missed her bachelorette party so I didn't get to meet her college friends who are bridesmaids. Three of Stefanie's high school/childhood friends are bridesmaids: Lacey, Haley, and me! I haven't seen Haley since graduation in 2003 so I'm looking forward to that!

Does it surprise you that planning my workouts around the wedding festivities has taken priority in my mind right now? I have NO idea what I'm wearing to the rehearsal dinner, and I won't worry about that until I know my workout schedule for tomorrow. Does that seem crazy? Not to me. When I get married, I think I will have to schedule an evening wedding so I can do Bikram in the morning or run or something! My dad played golf on the morning of his wedding to my mom!

The sun is finally peeking out...we have had CRAP for weather lately.

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