Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fleet Feet Fiesta 5k

"It's a great day for the race!"
"What race?"
"The human race!"

It's also a great day to have a NIGHT.

Tonight, our local Fleet Feet store is putting on a 5k called the Fleet Feet Fiesta. I think it's actually a 3 miler as opposed to the official 5k distance, 3.11 miles, but close enough. The race is taking place at none other than my usual running grounds: Cherokee Park. It's a grueling course due to the hills, but with a start time of 9 pm, it will be cool. I walked to the Fleet Feet store this morning to get my number (4770), a complimentary pair of running socks, and a glow in the dark wrist band. I accidentally snapped part of it on my walk home, so it's in the freezer now because I've heard that it makes the glow last longer.

This is (I believe) the third year for this race and it has definitely grown. Hopefully I get to meet local blogger Sarah .

I'm going to try my darndest to get a great time in this race, but Bikram kicked my butt yesterday and my legs are pretty sore today. I just had half a banana and I'm going to take a few Advil beforehand so we'll see if those help. As of 1 hour ago, I was just convinced by a friend to go to Bikram in the morning, so I'm going to be one tired cookie. However, we do get to swim in his pool afterward!

Time to hydrate. Hasta pronto!

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