Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Physical Therapy

This morning I went to my first physical therapy appointment for my elbow and I am SO GLAD I did.

They gave me an examination and tested my ranged of motion and strength.

Next they hooked me up to those machines that send electrodes (?) through a body part and help warm up the muscles - much needed for me since my elbow area is so stiff. My arm kept twitching and it was like an uncomfortable tickle, but it wasn't painful.

The rest of the time was spent doing light exercises, and then the initial examiner supported my elbow and moved it through stretches and light movements to show me what I can do on my own time. The main movements involve resting my elbow on a table and moving my wrist/hand toward my face, with the palm facing out and also with the palm facing in. It hurts the most when I cup my hands toward my face as if I'm going to wash it, or if I'm going to take a drink of something.

The physical therapist said that movement is key and that I'm not going to sprain my elbow any worse by doing it. This is a huge relief because I was afraid that I was moving my arm around too much! It also explains why my arm felt better after running or yoga. However, he told me NOT to lift weights!

The next appointment is on Thursday and I'm looking forward to it.

Let's hope I'm feeling 100% pretty soon!

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