Monday, October 25, 2010

Bikram Week

So after feeling really strong on my Saturday run, it's tempting to get back out there and run some more. However, I'm going to take a few days off - either 3 or 6 - I can't decide!

What I will definitely do this week is go to the yoga studio and do Bikram. I'm about 75% sure I'll go tonight, I'll go tomorrow, and I'll go Thursday. For a long time now I've been going just 1-2 times a week, and with no races anytime soon, I should be advantageous of this "free time." Regarding tonight's class, I'm a little anxious because Mondays tend to be really crowded. I'm one of those people who really likes her personal space, and it's distracting and annoying to not have it - especially in a yoga class. However, perhaps having more people in class is good sometimes because there is more group energy?

Anna, one of my favorite instructors, told us something about Standing Forehead to Knee last Thursday that I need to remember. If you kick out for relief, or if you kick out and feel relief, you're probably not doing the pose correctly.

Do you see how his standing leg is locked solid? He's not hyperextending (pushing the knee way back). I'm impressed!

Have a great day - and I hope you find the time to do things you want to do.


  1. Which yoga studio do you go to? I took off work yesterday so I went to a Bikram class at Yoga East (Holiday Manor). There were only three of us in there! It was nice to have more personal attention from the instructor, especially because I hadn't taken a class like that in a long time. But I am so sore today!

  2. I go to Betsy's Hot Yoga on Shelbyville Road. I love it! Never been to Yoga East before though...I'll have to go sometime!

  3. It's a lot smaller and the Bikram instructor there (Tom) said he teaches sometimes at Betsy's as well. It's also not as hot there, which to me was a good thing ;-)

  4. Yeah I've taken a few of Tom's classes. He's more of a traditional Bikram instructor, which I can appreciate, but that has kind of set him apart (in a bad way) from the other instructors at Betsy's.