Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New York City

This past Friday through Monday, I headed north to The Big Apple. Why would I head north in the winter? Well, I went to NYC for the same weekend last year and had such a blast that I decided to go again!

Here are my main reasons for visiting NYC:

1. Friends. Most of my friends are either from Louisville, from Rhodes College, or from South Carolina. Fortunately, a lot of them live in New York and it's fun to go up there and see a lot of people in one trip. It's even more fun to bring different groups of friends together!

2. Food. It's no secret that NYC has tons and tons of restaurants and they all seem to be good. Whatever type of food you want, they have it. I'll write more about this in a minute...

3. Fitness. I get a big kick from running in Central Park. This trip I was lucky enough to run there TWICE. NYC residents are totally hip, even when they run. My Kentucky sweatshirt and Titleist cap didn't fit in. Oh well.

4. Flexibility. It is so easy to get to NYC, and cheap(er) too. I highly recommend the direct flight from Louisville to LGA on US Airways.

Here are the restaurants I went to:

Extra Virgin
Rosa Mexicano

And my favorite:

ABC Kitchen

ABC Kitchen might be one of my favorite restaurants EVER, and I only had one meal there. Just look at the place!

We started out with the crab toast with lemon aioli which was melt-in-your-mouth good.

I got the roast carrot and avocado salad, and the lentil soup:

The salad had greens, avocado, carrots, seeds, sour cream, and maybe something else? It was sooooo good!

We finished the meal with some spice cake with cream cheese icing:

Everything was served on cutsy plates that remind me of my mother:

Another thing I did in NYC:

One major I blogger that I follow seems to hit up her local Jamba Juice every week. Louisville doesn't have Jamba Juice, so when I was walking around the city with my cousin I was so excited to see one and had to go in.

I got The Coldbuster which had juice and sorbet and fruit in it.

My review? It was ok. Honestly, I was pretty disappointed in their menu. Smoothie King is 100x better, really. If you don't have a Smoothie King in your city...I'm sorry.

Overall, I had a nice time in the city. New York is fun to visit, but I could never live there. It's nice to be back in a cleaner and greener environment! :)

P.S. Speaking of green, my friend Sarah works for the New York Restoration Project, founded by Bette Midler, which focuses on making the city greener and environmental education.

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