Friday, March 11, 2011

Gearing Up

Tomorrow is the Rodes City Run 10k (6.2 mi), the second leg in Louisville's Triple Crown of Running. I tend to enjoy this race a bit more because it's more scenic and the crowd eventually spreads out, unlike the Anthem 5k which is packed for the entire 3.1 miles. This will be my 4th time running this race.

Previous finishes:
2008: 1:00:16
2009: 57:27
2008: 54:45

You can see that last year I maintained UNDER a 9 minute mile pace. Obviously this year will be different, but my training in the past two weeks has been good and I'm hoping to keep things right at or below a 10 minutes mile pace.

I just picked up my race packet a little while ago (shoutout to TIM - holler, good luck tomorrow and hope your legs feel better) and let me say...


G.T.L. = Gym. Tanning. LAME.

The logo on the website is fantastic! I was looking forward to getting a shirt like that! To have a bad race is one thing. To get a bad race t-shirt...well that just sucks regardless of your time. You let me down, Rodes City Run, you let me down.

I've been up since 6 am for a pre-work swim so I'm mighty tired. Off to bed and up again at 6 am. Good night!


  1. Good luck! I had a friend of mine ask me to run the Derby Half. Rodes City is one of the Triple Crown that I haven't run. Curious to see how it goes. Bet you'll do better than you think! It's beautiful out today.

  2. I love the shirt. Although I was disappointed that it wasn't the same colors as the website. It actually may be one of my favorites! :)