Monday, April 11, 2011

April Showers

For the past month, my main focus has been running. From late February through the beginning of April, I had FOUR races: a 5k, two 10ks, and a 10 miler. My legs are kind of tired, but it ain't over yet - the Derby Festival Mini Marathon is in the near future - April 30th.

This past Saturday, my friend and I set out to tackle around 10 miles. I took two Gus with me (I like the Espresso Love flavor) and we ran around Rolling Fields, Indian Hills, and the River Road area. FYI to locals: Thurman Hutchins Park is a great place to run if you want something flat and scenic. The main, big loop is less than a mile long, but you can always cross the street to the River Road path if you get tired of doing loops.

My friend and I ended up running 8.5 altogether because A. We (I) got tired and B. We got caught in an INSANE rainstorm/hailstorm. It rained so hard that we were both completely soaked in a matter of minutes. It rained so hard that we could only look down. It rained so hard that we screamed in frustration. And when the rain wasn't enough, it hailed on us too. Our lips turned blue we were so cold from our rain-soaked clothes! Needless to say, it was probably our most exciting run to date, and we've gone on a lot of runs together. I have no tips on running in the rain except to make sure that you're running on the LEFT side of the road. Drivers these days are distracted enough - add rain to the equation and you're at a bigger risk for being hit. If you run on the left, you can tell whether the oncoming car can see you or not.

We've had a lot of warm weather and I hope it's here to stay. With warmer weather comes more activity and more variety. I find that I am the most fit when I am doing lots of different exercises: in the past week I've run, done yoga, swam, and played tennis. Yesterday, I met up with Steph and Paul for a delicious brunch:

That's a homemade vegetable fritata that tasted SO fresh and a fruit salad that included champagne mango, blood orange, blackberries, etc.

After brunch we played tennis outside for an hour and then immediately went to University of Louisville's Natatorium for some swimming. Tennis and biking will be creeping back into my schedule, and perhaps some field hockey too!

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  1. I'm guessing that you're doing the Derby Half! Good luck. I ran it last year and had too many Bud Lights the night before. Things didnt turn out so well for me.

    I do really, really well running in the rain. I don't know what it is but the harder it pours the faster I go!