Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting Buff

My workouts are on the upswing lately. Last week I made it to THREE Bikram classes! The third class I went to was on a Saturday morning, bright and early at 8:30 am. It is amazing how different your body and yoga feel in the morning: it's harder!! I was so tight for a while, not to mention that the morning humidity was so much harder to cope with as opposed to the afternoon heat. Despite that Saturday class kicking my butt, I left feeling great.

Last week I also got a free training session at my regular gym and my trainer set me up with a new (and more challenging) weight routine. After a warmup, I have to do an intense circuit training which involves the following:

1. Hold 15 lb dumbbells, put my right foot onto a bench, and step on and off with my left for 10 reps, repeat with switched feet
2. Squat + press with 8 lb dumbbells
3. Bench press with 12 lb dumbbells

Then I rested for a minute, and repeated that circuit two more times. The workout continues from there, but three circuits really wore me out! I was sweating and out of breath like I had been doing cardio.

I did the workout yesterday afternoon, and then I was jolted out of my sleep with a Charley Horse last night. A Charley Horse is a VERY painful spasm/cramp in the leg muscles that usually lasts (for me) between 5-10 seconds. When I studied abroad in Spain, I got Charley Horses weekly because of all the walking I did. I usually grab my leg in the affected area and just tell myself to relax and the pain goes away as quickly as it comes. What strange phenomena, those Charley Horses!

Last night I got to try a restaurant in Louisville that I've passed only thousands of times, Varanese. It sounds like it would be Italian, but it's more of your standard bistro. We sat on a covered patio and listened to jazz music while we ate! I had the hummus sandwich which had hummus and various veggies layered on grilled flatbread. I wasn't too hungry, but it was a good size and the price was right. The atmosphere, service, and food were all great so I recommend trying Varanese!

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