Friday, June 17, 2011

Top 10 Insanely Hard Marathons - via Top Tenz

My newest website obsession is a site called They post articles of lists, random lists, of topics ranging from "The Top 10 Grossest Foods" to "The Top 10 Scariest Places in the World" to "The Top 10 Smartest Dogs." I consider myself to be somewhat of a knowledge/trivia junkie so this website has been awesome to peruse.

I just stumbled upon an entry called the Top 10 Insanely Hard Marathons.

Here's the list, and click on the link above to view the full article:

10. Big Five Marathon - South Africa
9. Baikal Ice Marathon - Siberia
8. Midnight Sun Marathon - Norway
7. Everest Marathon - Nepal
6. Kiehl's Badwater Ultramarathon - California
5. Marathon Des Sables - Morocco
4. Great Tibetan Marathon - Tibet
3. Polar Circle Marathon - Greenland
2. Dead Sea Ultramarathon - Amman
1. Great Wall Marathon - China

Sign me up for...none of those? Actually, if I had to choose, I'd go with the Big Five in South Africa. This is their description:

If you’ve ever wanted to go on an African Safari while running in a marathon, the Big Five Marathon is most definitely for you. In this marathon, you really get up close and personal with some of Africa’s most famous animals, including: lions, zebras, leopards, buffalo, and even elephants. Coming into contact with these animals is where the marathon got its name. Runners are sent on a course in Waterberg, South Africa throughout the savannahs. As scary as it sounds, the route that the runners take goes directly through a well-known lion habitat, but no one has ever been injured as there are helicopters and rangers armed with guns that keep a careful eye on the entire path. Even though the marathon usually takes place in the winter the sun in the African savannahs is still enough to bring some heat.

The event actually takes place in a couple of weeks - June 25! The entry fee for the marathon (and they have a half, too) is 130 Euros, which is approximately $186 U.S. dollars. Plus your flight and accomodations to South Africa...that would be one expensive race! HERE is the website if you have the cashola and want to participate next year.

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