Sunday, August 28, 2011

Doc Crow's

For the past couple of months I've been on a "I want to try every new restaurant in town" kick. Louisville has SO many great restaurants and we keep getting more and more. I've heard somewhere that we have more restaurants per capita than any city in the nation, even NYC, but who knows if that is true. Regardless, last night my friend and I decided to go to a new place downtown on Main Street called Doc Crow's.

From the website:

Located in the historic Whiskey Row of downtown Louisville, Doc Crow’s offers the freshest flavors of American Southern cuisine. The traditional menu celebrates classic seafood favorites from the coastal areas and diverse barbecue styles found throughout the interior regions. This Southern institution pays homage to its Whiskey Row location with a wide selection of the world’s great whiskies and a focus on America’s most celebrated spirit, bourbon. Stop by and dig in-we can’t wait to have you at our table!

Barbecue. I went to Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee and hence was surrounded by and exposed to a lot of barbecue in my four years there. I was excited to take a turn to nostalgia town and see how their bbq compared to what I ate in Memphis.

I drove us downtown and we were relieved to see that they have $5 valet parking. There was a Louisville Bats baseball game going on and parking was not exactly available. We walked in and were sat immediately, thanks to our idea to get there early (6:30) to beat the crowd. The restaurant is extremely long, as are the the other businesses along Whiskey Row. They sat us by the open kitchen and it was fun to see all the hustle and bustle.

They have a pretty extensive wine list, and the alcohol there is not cheap. I got a glass of pinot noir, a somewhat decent pour, and it cost $9. For my entree, I got the pulled pork sandwich and lima beans instead of their homemade chips:

My friend got the brisket tacos:

(both pictures are via Hipstamatic on my iPhone)

We both really liked our entrees. I was pleased to see that they put slaw on my sandwich which is a trend that you see in Memphis. We finished by splitting a piece of Key Lime Pie which was honestly one of the best pieces of Key Lime I've ever had!!

Our bill totaled around $40, so it's a bit pricey. My wine was almost half of my part of the bill and I did get a surcharge of $2 for subbing limas for chips. Overall, we were really pleased with our experience and the service was great too. Doc Crow's is definitely worth checking out!

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