Wednesday, September 28, 2011

FEAT 5k 2011: Recap

On Saturday morning at 7:30 am I jumped out of bed to get ready for the FEAT 5k.  With the race only being an hour ahead of me, I decided not to eat anything.  I knew that whatever I ate would not digest by then and I didn't want to risk having tummy troubles.  I drank a bunch of water, threw on compression shorts and a long-sleeved tshirt, and headed to Westport Village for the race.

I did this race last year and it was sunny and cool, but this year it was rainy and warmer.  I barely had enough time to get my packet and get ready before the race started.  The race grew by approximately 40% this year (around 500 to around 700 participants) so I had to park far away.  However, that jog to and from the race site (had to take my packet back to my car) provided sufficient warm up for me.

The course this year was exactly the same so I knew I would be hitting several hills.  Their size is a small fraction of the hills I run in Cherokee Park, but I guess a hill's a hill. 

Here are my stats:

3.1 miles
Average pace: 8:50
Max: 7:07
Mile 1: 9:05
Mile 2: 9:02
Mile 3: 8:31

My time from last year was 26:21 so I definitely didn't beat that, but I am still happy!

I never saw my pace for that last mile until me!  Although the race was several days ago, I recall that it wasn't very difficult.  At no point did I ever feel winded or worn out.  Afterwards I walked around a lot, ate a banana, and cheered on our team members who finished after me. 

About a hour later, when I got home, I got a text message from a friend who had also run in the race.  She told me that she had a water bottle for me because I finished 2nd in my age group!  My reaction was, "Are you serious?"  I was pleased with my time, but I didn't think it was award-winning!  The water bottle I won is great - it's one of those steel ones and I can drink from it without spilling water all over myself (I have a problem with spilling drinks). 

My post-race meal was a delicious panini from Lotsa Pasta, a small specialty foods store/grocery in Louisville.  It had portabello mushrooms, red bell pepper, and cream cheese on focaccia.  You really can't go wrong with anything you buy there so I recommend checking it out. 

I wanted to end this post by paying tribute to a man who suffered a heart attack during the race.  About a mile and a half into the race, he collapsed on the ground right in front of some friends.  Despite them performing CPR and the ambulance arriving about 5 minutes after his fall, he died over the weekend.  I heard from a good source that the man was very active and in great shape.  Once again, the loss of this man's life shows that there is so much we can do for ourselves.  I mourn for him and his family and I hope that all of you stay healthy and safe. 

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