Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Favorite Running Shoe Is...

Mizuno!  I've been a fan since high school when my track coach recommended the brand to me.  Apparently the general public seems to associate Mizuno more with baseball pants than running shoes, but that's ok.  I've dabbled in some other brands:

Asics (not enough support)
New Balance (too wide for my dainty, narrow feet)
Nike (my second choice as they tend to run narrow)

Last night I went to Ken Combs and got a new pair as I've been running in the same pair since January.  I forget if I got the Wave Alchemy, Wave Nirvana, Wave Inspire, or something else, but here they are:

What a heavenly shoe!  I feel supported and it's almost like they have grippers on the bottom because I felt like I was clawing the ground (in a good way).  Another good thing about Mizuno is that they have narrow sizes (referred to as 2A).  I took them on a 2-2.5 mile test run last night and they did great.  I will definitely break them in before the Bourbon Chase...only 24 days away!


  1. Is your team wearing costumes? Since there are 12 of us each person is a month out of the year. Lucky me ended up with January! I'm still trying to figure that one out!

  2. I don't think we are wearing costumes! January huh? Maybe you can pin felt snowflakes to your outfit?