Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bourbon Chase 2011

On Friday, October 7th, a team named This One and One More pulled into Jim Beam Distillery in Clarmont, Kentucky to begin a 200 mile relay race.  We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

Welcome to the Bourbon Chase.

All 12 of our team members were to run three legs of various mileages each.  My first leg was around 3.9 miles, my second leg was 4.3, and my third was 3.9.  Although I had the second shortest mileage, it was no piece of cake.  Kentucky has its fair share of hills and they were intense.  My best time was during my second leg of 4.3 miles.  Although most of it was uphill, the climb was gradual.  I finished in 38:55.

We visited 6 distilleries:

Jim Beam
Heaven Hill
Makers Mark
Four Roses
Wild Turkey
Woodford Reserve

When our vans weren't on the course, we went to a retro motel named the Brightleaf Resort.  It had a restaurant that stayed open all night for the Bourbon Chase participants.  I enjoyed a shortstack and western omelet during one meal and then a pulled pork sandwich during another (it was at 3:30 am.  Have you ever eaten pulled pork at 3:30 am? )

We finished around 5 pm in downtown Lexington.

From top left: Bryan, Jeremy, Tim (team captain and probably my most loyal reader), Matt, PJ, Rachel (me)
From bottom left: Tiffany, Lauren, Kevin, Danielle, Kathy
Not pictured: Kathy D.

Let's go back to the beginning...

I walked around Jim Beam before our team began.

At 11:30 am, PJ took off as Runner #1!
The picture is dark, but he is there!

This was the official start for all the teams.  

After PJ took off, we all piled in our van above and drove to where Runner #2, Danielle, would begin her leg.

Sometime later, here comes Jeremy (Runner #5) finishing his first leg.

Our van drove to Maker's Mark to meet up with the next van so they could do their first legs.

Here is Matt reaching out for the slap bracelet from Kathy D. so he could take off.

Post Leg #1: my legs were sore

In the van later on that night: Kevin, me, and PJ.  I obviously did not want to get my picture taken.  We were waiting for Danielle to finish her leg so I could take off and run mine!

Captain Tim after running his 2nd leg.  There is so much safety gear and technology in this picture!

I carried my phone during Leg #3 and took really quick photos of my run across the Kentucky River!

Looking straight ahead on the bridge.  There is a runner ahead and I passed him a couple of minutes later.

Here comes Kevin finishing his third leg!

Closer up!

Here is Jeremy finishing his third leg.

Jeremy handing off the slap bracelet to Kathy D. so she can run her third leg.

By far my favorite picture of the bunch: Kathy D. finishing her third leg at Woodford Reserve and shouting, "Who's taking this [slap bracelet]?"

We climbed this huge flight of stairs and it was slow/painful.

Our van: Kevin, PJ, Danielle, Me, Kathy D.  Seated: Jeremy, and Brittney (our awesome driver)

While the second van ran their third and final legs, we went to lunch and celebrated.

There you have it!  The Bourbon Chase was definitely one of the craziest things I've ever done.  Three runs in 24 hours on two hours of sleep?  That doesn't happen...ever.  Good thing we had an amazing team and I got to know some really great people!  Right now it looks like we will be making a comeback in 2012.  

Go team This One and One More!

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  1. Great write up, Rachel. Nicely done and very appreciated. I can NOT wait until next year. It is already ON!!!!