Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Training: Week Three Review

Week three didn't exactly go as planned, and week four hasn't gone as planned either.  Last Tuesday, I was really stressed at work, to the point where I had some tears rolling down my cheeks (cue the tiny violin).  Starting on Wednesday, I started getting really congested, and a week later, I still kind of sound like a man.

These were my workouts....

Monday: easy 30 minute jog, finning class (water aerobics)
Tuesday: spinning
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: rest
Friday: rest
Saturday: kettle bells
Sunday: 60 minute run

I wasn't supposed to rest Wednesday-Friday but I felt really worn out!  And then for me to jump into kettle bells on Saturday was probably not a good idea.  On Sunday after my run I felt SO exhausted - I sat on the floor of my apartment, staring off into space, trying to will myself to get up and take a shower.  For the rest of the day I was so tired, but I couldn't sleep a wink!  There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to sleep, but not being able to.

I think my sickness peaked on Sunday evening/Monday morning, but I'm still taking it easy.  What I've learned about myself in the past year or so is that stress wreaks major havoc on my body.  In other words, if I get too stressed, I get sick.  I certainly do not want to label myself as "frail," but unfortunately that is how my body responds right now.   It would be a good idea for me to develop more mechanisms to fight off stress during the work day.  Although I usually get outside at least once a day (even in the rain) and take a quick walk, perhaps getting up more and just walking around the office would help.  Even if my phone is ringing off the hook I should go!  That's what voicemail is for, right? 

Today is (hopefully) my last rest day and then I can ease back into my workouts.  I'm not worried about the half marathon as the date is about three months away!

I hope everyone else is feeling great this week!  Send me some of your energy!

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