Monday, August 27, 2012

Double Down!

Over the weekend I received a handwritten note.  The note was from someone who was witness to something that could been something really great, but it wasn't.  This someone is tied to the other party involved, and they wrote just to say that they were sorry it didn't work out.  It was a simple gesture that means a lot to me.  Handwritten notes alone are rare these days, but to receive one like that was a bittersweet conclusion to a saddening situation.  Anyway, we should all write more notes.  I keep some stationery in my desk at work and try to write when it's appropriate.  Minted is a good website for stationery, but they also have invitations and more!

I went on two runs on Saturday.  As part of my Bourbon Chase training, I'm going to do a double every week until the race.  Saturday morning I ran over 2.5 and Saturday evening I ran 3.  My evening run was slower because it was hot and I was a little tired, but my miles for the day averaged a 9:30-9:40 pace so I was happy with that.  The BC is in one month and one day - woo hoo!  Ideally, I'd like my weeks to look like this:

1. 1 double
2. 1 speedwork day
3. 1 hill day
4. 2 junk runs (runs for mileage purposes only)
5. 2 kettle bell classes
6. 1-2 other forms of cardio (swimming, biking, or yoga)
7. 1-2 rest days

Uhhhh.  Looking at that again, it doesn't seem like I have enough days in a week to do this.  However, I can do a run or something else on the same day I do cardio.  Tonight I am planning on going to kettle bells and then doing some sprints on the treadmill.  Maybe on Wednesday I can do another kettle bells class and then do a junk run.  I definitely need a double/long run day, I definitely need speedwork, I definitely need rest days, and I really want kettle bells.  Those will be my priorities and the rest will fall into place.

Anyone else doing the Bourbon Chase?  Shoutout to my team captain Tim who is awesome!

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