Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bourbon Chase 2012 Countdown

This time in two weeks I will either be in bed or on the couch, recovering from The Bourbon Chase.  I am getting really anxious about the race, thinking about it dozens of times a day.  Don't get me wrong, I am really excited to do it again, but I remember how difficult it was even though my race legs are the 2nd shortest in the group.  With the difficulty in mind, I am really trying to push myself on my runs because I know that training hard will pay off.

I think that I've been running four days a week, but the days are all starting to blend together.  My fall field hockey season started again last Sunday and I considered that day to be speed work.  I purposefully chose to play midfielder so I would have to constantly run back and forth during the game.  Our team is pretty good and we won our game despite only playing eight on the field versus the other team's ten.  It's always nice to get in some running while doing something else, like playing field hockey, to distract you.

Race pace: Our team had to turn in an estimated finish time which means we had to give our team captain (hey Tim) our approximate pace per mile.  I believe that I said 9:30/mile last year, and I am doing the same for this year.  I can only seem to find my time for one of my legs (38:55 for 4.3 miles) and that's a little over a 9 minute mile.  However, I know that that leg was my easiest and I was definitely slower on the other two legs.  During my training this year, I've been running with a little more purpose and really trying to hit 9:30 miles or faster.  And fortunately...I've been successful!

Ever since last Sunday, my left wrist has been a little sprained.  I played nine holes of golf in the morning and had hockey in the afternoon so my day was full of wrist-heavy activities.  The day after, I went to a Kettle Bells class and by the end I was almost in tears because some of the motions were so painful.  Comparing my wrists now, the left one is definitely swollen.  Before my game today I'm going to stop by a drug store and see if I can find a small compression bandage or sleeve to wear.  I'm also taking a break from Kettle Bells class.  You know how sometimes a break is just what the body needs? I think that even if I didn't have a wrist injury a break from KB would be a good idea.  Since the end of January I've been going to KB classes and it's the hardest workout I've ever done.  Just as many people don't run year-round, bike year-round, or whatever, I'd like to take a two week break from KB to give my body a rest from the intensity.  For the next two weeks, I can focus on running and The Bourbon Chase, and then I can return to class.  Don't get me wrong, I am still going to strength train.  Strength training helps prevent injury and I will aim to do 1-2 days on my own for each week of rest from KB.

I have a Bourbon Chase meeting/lunch in a few hours and I'm excited to see everyone.  I haven't seen most of my team in a year!  Have a great rest of the weekend!

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