Thursday, October 18, 2012

Two Things I'm Loving Lately + Training Update

Saturday night after eight miler I was pretty tired and I think I was in bed around 9 pm.  Sunday I had a field hockey game and I play midfield so I was basically running the entire time (we are still undefeated, 6-0!). 

I took off both Monday and Tuesday and am really happy with that decision.  Resting my legs felt great!

Yesterday afternoon we had really nice weather so I decided to do my standard tempo run.  My first mile was under 9:20, mile 2 was around 8:48, mile 3 was around the same pace if not a few seconds faster, and then my fourth mile was around 9:25.  Overall, I really have gotten faster in the past several months and I am pleased.  I don't think I've run a mile faster than 8:30 though - although I haven't tried.  Never do I go out for a run with an intent to do just one.  Would that be beneficial?  Maybe challenging myself to do "the mile" once a week or once every other week? 

So I wanted to share two more products that I use regularly:

1. Justin's Maple Almond Butter

So I usually avoid almond butter because I don't like the taste.  I prefer a peanut butter or sunflower seed butter, but I picked this up about a month ago and I really like it.  Typically I swirl it into yogurt or put it on a tortilla.

2. Yurbuds

So I've actually been on the Yurbuds train for a couple of years.  I picked up the Yurbuds covers that slip over the Apple earbuds, but I needed to replace them.  At a local running store, I found out that they no longer sell just the covers so I got full-blown Yurbuds earphones.  Very important note: they come in sizes!  The running store had 5,6, and 8, and I kept going back and forth between the 5 and 6 until a store employee told me to jump up and down when trying them on.  Size 6 was the clear winner and I've been very happy.  They fit better than the Yurbuds covers I had so I'm hoping that these will last a couple of years as well.

This Saturday I'm planning on running eight miles again.  My friend that I thought I was going to run with has to work, but she has a running buddy I can hopefully meet.  If that doesn't work out, then I am definitely running with music this time.  I told several people about my run last Saturday that was friend-less and music-less and they all thought I was crazy!

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  1. I'm hearing SO much about Yurbuds lately..will definitely need to check it out because I *need* my music!