Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where's the Reset Button?

Do you ever have weeks where you feel like everything's off: your eating, your sleeping, your workouts, etc?  I feel like I am having one of those weeks, but it's not necessarily a Monday-Sunday thing.  Lately I've been craving sweets like crazy, I'll have two good nights of sleep and then the third night I get to bed 3-4 hours after I normally do, and I've had at least one alcoholic beverage every night.  At the time I am enjoying myself, but I always end up giving myself a guilt trip later.  In fact, I give myself guilt trips pretty often.  And they're not fun! 

Today's guilt trip was brought on by last night: my eats during the day were good (I made a juice, had eggs, a sandwich, an apple, some almonds, a veggie wrap, etc) but then I met a friend out and had two drinks, a little bit of trout, some onion rings, a small piece of cornbread, collard greens, and a couple bites of potatoes.  And then I didn't get to bed until 2 am!  I woke up this morning feeling obviously tired and also guilty for how much food I ate yesterday. 

It's not fun to feel this way.  I can't take any of it back so there's no use in dwelling in it.  However, I can take steps today to try and counteract anything I did yesterday.  Today I drank a juice a made and had yogurt for breakfast.  At lunchtime I went to the gym and did a 3.5 mile tempo run and then abs, and then I ate a sandwich and some pita chips and will have an apple later.  Tonight I will probably have a salad or stir fry for dinner.  Bedtime will be early!  I feel like I need a few days in a row where I maintain a normal diet, a normal bedtime, and avoid alcohol and sweets. 

Recently I read about some tips for rebounding from those "bad" days or nights.  One really stuck with me and it was to have a go-to healthy meal.  If you ate a huge dinner or drank a lot one night, have a go-to healthy breakfast to have the next morning no matter what, like oatmeal with minimal toppings.  Or if you have an unhealthy breakfast and/or lunch have a go-to dinner like a salad with lean protein, healthy fats, and lots of veggies.  It's a great suggestion and one that I would like to implement into my regimen!

Overall I do eat well and try and do the best I can to take care of myself.  It's frustrating that I make myself feel so guilty about splurging every once in a while.  Something to work on I suppose!

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