Friday, February 26, 2010

Eat It

Yesterday, late morning, as I documented in the post from yesterday, I couldn't get enough to eat. And then, I crashed. It was almost as if I was drunk. My eyelids got really heavy and I felt extremely sleepy. I got up from my desk and walked around and once it was lunchtime I perked up again. I had another wrap with hummus, spinach, and a veggie burger, grapes, and carrots. Tazo makes an organic chai tea so I sipped that afterward and talked with my coworkers.

There is a box of Family Size Triscuit crackers on my desk and I dove into those yesterday afternoon, eating probably 2.5 serving sizes. I did not care one bit - I was hungry and they tasted good when paired with a Sargento cheese stick. After work I went to a local restaurant for a high school alumni cocktail hour. I drank my usual, Coors Light, and nibbled on some of the delicious and bite-sized hors d'oeuvres: benedictine sandwiches, curry chicken salad sandwiches, and even a small lamb burger. When I got home I made another wrap (I didn't feel like getting fancy) and had MORE banana pudding. This banana pudding business has got to stop.

While eating dinner I watched the movie Julie & Julia, which was a good-but-not-great movie. Meryl Streep's impersonation of Julia Child's voice was extremely entertaining and I wish I could speak like that all the time. I appreciated all of the recipes, cooking, and food they showed and how it all seemed so...natural. Julia Child shopped at farmers' markets and they used REAL butter and they really put a lot of love into their cooking. It was inspiring!

Speaking of butter, my dad got me a subscription to Paula Deen's magazine. I took a picture of the cover because it looks like Paula is wearing a purple Snuggie!!!!!

Anyway, there are some DELICIOUS recipes in the newest issue including one for granola so I'm going to make that this weekend!

3 mile run plus light lifting and core work tonight. 9-10 miler tomorrow!!!!

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