Thursday, February 25, 2010

Life In The Fast Lane

I've decided to rename "Fun Run." It's now called "Ass Kicking." Last night I parked my car in Cherokee Park and ran to the Fleet Feet Store which took about 6-7 minutes and served as my warm up. When I got to the store my face and ears were numb and I defrosted and waited for my friend Martin to show up.

The group took off at 6:30 sharp and headed into the park. Everyone was FAST. The competitive nature in me pushed me along and I ran hard the entire way. I ran 3.2ish miles in 28:09 and that included two HUGE hills in Cherokee Park and the last hill outside the park. I've been trying to find some pictures online to give those who don't know Louisville an idea of how major these hills are, but it looks like I'm going to have to just go take a picture of them myself.

One thing I'd like to note is that whether I'm doing a group run or a race, I always find that I get into one of those empty pockets and run by myself! I'll have people 100 yards behind me and 100 yards ahead of me, but in the middle, it's just me. What is it? Is there no one else that is 5'3'' and runs about a 9:45 pace more or less? Anyway, so I found myself in that situation last night, and it was getting really dark in the park and it was blowing snow. It wasn't just snowing, it was blowing snow. I couldn't stop thinking, "Someone could drive up and kidnap me and no one would ever know." But, obviously, I am safe and sound.

Last night's dinner was quick: tortilla with hummus, turkey, and spinach, and cantaloupe for dessert. Later on I did have a small bowl of banana pudding - I can't help's soooo good!!

This morning I swam 40 lengths in the pool and then sat in the hottub for less than 10 minutes. The swim was great and I was elated to be in the pool again. Swimming has always come very naturally to me; I learned how to swim at an early age, did the swim team at the country club in the summertime, and have swum for exercise for a long time now. It's also in my blood; my dad swam competively both in school and through a Masters swimming program, and my mom used to swim 2 miles before work every day when she was my age!

A common misconception about swimming distances: a LAP is not the same as a LENGTH. A LAP is swimming from one end to the other and BACK. A LENGTH is swimming from one end to the other. I swam 40 lengths and the pool is a 25 yard pool so it was over 1/2 mile which doesn't seem like much, but it took me 30 minutes.

When I got home I had half a bagel then a protein shake on the way to work. I just had a cup of yogurt, and lunch cannot get here quickly enough!

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