Monday, March 29, 2010

Backstreet's Back

WHOA I am way behind on my blogging. I'll have to do some quick recaps...

On Saturday, Lizzie and I ran 8.5 miles and it was a great run. We had good weather, good conversation, and it was painless. We went to a birthday party later on in the day and ate lots of yummy things like: taco dip, guacamole, wings, pulled pork, green beans, macaroni, and I ate about 3 meringues and a piece of cake. Ok, maybe I overdid it on the food, but I was starving!

Today I made a wrap with a cut up veggie burger and avocado and had some edamame on the side. It was amazing!!! Go buy some avocado, and sneak it into your wrap or sandwich. I would recommend it on most sandwiches except for a peanut butter and jelly!

This afternoon I took my lunch at the end of the day and went to the gym. After running about 3.5, I did some good stretches and core exercises on the Bosu. The Bosu is a tool that is an exercise ball on top and flat on the bottom and it supercharges your workout because you have to maintain your balance if seated on it. One really good exercise is as follows:

1. Get into a modified plank position with your forearms on the Bosu.

2. Suck in your core, and then lift yourself up onto your hands without moving your hips too much

3. Come back down to the modified plank and I count that as 1 rep. Do 2 sets of 10 reps and you'll be feeling it.

After doing some core work, I did a series of arm and back weights and then I did some squats. My inner thighs/groin area was screaming, "HELLO! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?"

1. Grab a 20-30 lb dumbbell and hold it with both hands with your arms hanging down and against your body.

2. Stand about 2 shoulder widths apart with your toes pointing out a bit.

3. Squat and keep your upper body as upright as you can. Keep your core tucked in too!

I did 2 sets of 10 reps and afterwards I did some inner thigh stretches. I would also recommend walking about for several minutes afterwards.

After I left the gym I went to the grocery which was a nice cooldown because I parked far away and walked around and around and around the store. I loaded my cart with lots of veggies, fruits, hummus, yogurt, and other necessities and now here I am!

Let's hope this week is better than last week was. I'm still mourning Kentucky's loss.

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