Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Never Again

This morning, I put two spoonfuls of canned pumpkin in my oatmeal to shake things up. If I hadn't added a spoonful of Sunbutter, it would not have been edible. My stomach is turning just thinking about that horrible breakfast. Unless there is a special step that I'm missing to turn that concoction into a wonderful bowl of oatmeal, I'm never doing that again.

On top of that, a woman in the elevator told me I looked tired this morning. Gee thanks, you might as well have said that I looked like crap. Yeah lady, well your hair is like 5 different colors and you look like a pixie.

Ok enough of that rant. Last night I went to Bikram and it ranked in the top five worst classes I've ever had. The farther you move away from the door, the hotter it gets. I was in the 2nd half (the hotter half) of the room and I couldn't cool down for anything. I sat out all but one of the exercises when you are on your stomach (there are 4). During the balancing series in the beginning, I was having a hard time balancing! Hyperextension is a risk that you encounter during the balancing series because you are working on a locked leg. If you put too much weight into your heel you might hyperextend your hamstring. I am so paranoid about that happening and it was screwing me up. Needless to say, due to poor performance and overheating, I was practically in tears at the end of class because I was so frustrated with myself. One GOOD thing that came from the class is that I did my biggest backbend to date.

This is part of the warmup:

Doesn't really look that bad, does it? It takes strength, courage, and encouragement from the instructor!

One of these days I'd like to get pictures of me doing the poses so I can stop borrowing from Google Images.

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