Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

It is INDEED a Good Friday because I do not have work today. Atlas Brown follows market holidays so we get a few wonderful days off during the year!

There is SO much going on right now! First of all, it's my roommate's birthday today. Happy 27th Alice! Sheesh you're old! :)

In fitness news: I have a 10 mile race tomorrow. In an email to a friend I said that a 10 mile race sounds like an oxymoron. Tomorrow is the Papa John's 10 Miler which is the final leg of the Triple Crown of Running here in Louisville. John Schnatter, the founder of Papa John's, lives here in Louisville hence all of the Papa John-ness around us. The race itself is going to be really boring....down Southern Parkway, around Iroquois park, and back up Southern Parkway and around Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. Apparently they are serving PIZZA afterwards. That is sick!!

I have to hurry like a rabbit after the race because I am heading to Keeneland in Lexington. Keeneland is a BEAUTIFUL racetrack in Lexington and it's not as commercialized as Churchill Downs is here in Louisville. Saturday night I might collapse from all this activity.

Since I have the race tomorrow, I am not really going to do a workout today. So far I've cleaned house and done 30 minutes of yardwork so I have gotten the muscles moving. At 11:30 I'm getting a MASSAGE so that will keep me nice and limber for tomorrow too!

Last night, I made TWO casseroles. When I was finished I felt like I had just competed on Iron Chef. I made a turkey pot pie and a hamburger-helper type dish that is a lot healthier!

Turkey pot pie: I used cut up rotisserie turkey, succotash, frozen broccoli, standard pie crusts, and a gravy with cream of chicken, soy flour, butter, garlic, etc. Uhhh so maybe not REALLY healthy, but I did what I could. The pot pie was good, but it could have used more flavor. Noted.

Hamburger-Helper type dish: I used ground beef, onions, garlic, tomato sauce, whole wheat egg noodles, a smooth cottage cheese and greek yogurt sauce, mushrooms, bulgar, and mozzarella cheese. BULGAR is a cracked wheat that kind of reminds me of dried couscous or quinoa. This casserole had more flavor and I think it's a keeper. You could substitute ground turkey, or use more vegetables, or ground soy!

I'm off! I'll tune in after the race!

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