Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Feed Me

This morning I felt extra groggy and even a little sick. I had my rest day from training, but I was not taking a break when it came to eating. Good gosh. I could not stuff enough food in my mouth! The majority of what I ate was good: cereal, yogurt, fruit, tuna salad, carrots, and a Soy Joy bar. I did have some "bad" stuff yesterday though: a few bites of a cinnamon roll, maybe a few too many pretzels, and I made french toast for dinner last night a la Paula Deen. The french toast really wasn't that bad, I used grainy bread, all natural ingredients, and put lots of fruit on top! Last night I DID have a glass of red wine so I think that's what made me a little groggy. I've mentioned this before, but my tolerance for alcohol and caffeine has always been low and is extremely low right now.

On Sunday night, the spaghetti squash made another appearance:

It wasn't as good as it was a few weeks ago (that's what she said). I sauteed brussel sprouts, mushrooms, a can of diced tomatoes, cabbage, and spinach. No marinara :(

Today I had more french toast for breakfast, an orange for a snack, and spaghetti squash for lunch. I'm going to yoga after work so I've been hydrating like a mad man.

By the way, I'm winning the office pool right now for the Men's NCAA tournament.

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