Thursday, March 4, 2010

Out of Yoga Shape

Well, Tuesday night was both awesome and tiring. The usual yoga teacher for Intro to Vinyasa is Teresa, and she was not there. Terry taught the class and it turned into NITRO to Vinyasa, meaning it was difficult. We did everything. We were red in the face. We held warrior two until we thought our legs would melt. We even did balancing stick from the Bikram series.

It doesn't look that hard, but you have to keep your inner thigh turned up to sky, so the bottom of your foot is facing upward. You can't twist your hip out like a ballerina. Now that I look at the picture again, it looks like that woman is hyperextending her bottom leg a bit. That's when you sink back into your heel and your leg bends backwards, which is A. LAZY and B. bad for your hamstrings! You have to put more weight into the ball of your foot, like you're pressing on an accelerator.

The class felt great, but I hadn't been to the studio in 10 days and my body knew it. Tonight I'm doing a Bikram class at 5:45, same teacher, and I'm nervous to see how it goes yet I am pumped for a good class.

My friend Kris and I had a delicious lunch today at a local restaurant called The Mayan Cafe. The food is Central American, and they use many local products. I got the vegetable plate: tok-sel lima beans, seasoned local vegetables, fried plantains, and a yuca cake. I took a picture, but it was when I was half finished so the food doesn't look that appetizing. The yuca cake was probably my favorite, but everything was delicious. Kris got the seafood bisque and a salad that had avocado, pumpkin seeds, and some other items. How fresh!

Back to hydrating...

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