Thursday, April 22, 2010

Packet Pickup

TWO days until the mini marathon and full marathon. Just like Derby, you can feel the excitement in the air!!

Last night I had two beers and chips for dinner. BAD RAE. I wasn't hungry though.

I made up for it with today's lunch:

My coworker bought me this delicious pasta dish which had feta, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, pine nuts, and it was tossed in olive oil. I ate almost the whole thing!

Today I picked up my packet for the mini and we got a dry fit shirt which was exciting. You walk through a maze of vendors and they have lots of samples and great offers and deals on running gear and other things like that. Here are my purchases:

The picture quality isn't that great. No, those aren't huge pink underpants, they're running shorts! The purple top is Cool Max, and those are packets of GU! I got 5 packets for $6 and one of the flavors is Mint Chocolate which I've never seen before. For the race on Saturday, I'm going to stick to Espresso. It's not a good idea to try new products like that during races! I have some PowerAde gel and my friend advised me not to use it during the mini because she had a bad experience with it.

Last run tonight before Saturday!

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