Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The Kentucky Derby Festival Mini Marathon and Marathon takes place on the Saturday before the Derby. This Saturday happens to be the day!!

This week I am being very conscientious of my fluid intake and carb intake.

I read THIS article this morning about good carbo loading vs. bad carbo loading.

The list at the end of the article is helpful...the bad carb choices being the obvious: donuts, croissants, ice cream...you know, all the stuff that tastes good. I'm taking Wednesday and Friday off, and I admit, I am planning to have ONE beer on Wednesday, and that's definitely not going to affect my performance.

My coworker gave me a HUGE packet (it's 100+ pages) about optimum hydration and nutrition for training and competition. The packet gets pretty detailed and gets pretty chemical too. I've taken a few notes, but I'm getting pretty bogged down in all the minutia.

That said, that makes me think of something my mom told me once. KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid. With all of the information we have at our fingertips, it's very, very easy to get overwhelmed with what we should or shouldn't eat, when we should eat it, and how much/how often. My plan is, like I said, to make sure I'm drinking plenty of fluids and eat nutritious meals. That's actually my plan ALL the time, but this week I'll add more carbs.

Bikram tonight...

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