Thursday, April 29, 2010

Roasting Veggies

I've discovered that Blogger dates my posts as I begin them, not by the moment that I click "Publish Post." The post before this one is supposed to be dated Thursday, 4/29!

After Bikram last night, I roasted a HUGE quantity of veggies for dinner.

This lovely mixture contains: brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, garlic, and parsnips. I washed, trimmed the edges, and sloppily peeled the potatoes and parsnips, cut the potatoes into bite-sized pieces, cut the parsnips into fry-like strips, and halved the brussel sprouts. Next I coated everything lightly in olive oil, spread the mixture onto a cookie sheet, and then sprinkled s&p (salt & pepper) on top. I baked them in the oven for 30 minutes on 400 degrees.

I actually had to do two batches because I had so many veggies! Hungrily, I served myself a helping and dipped them into a side of marinara sauce.

And then I ate another helping. When it comes to veggies, I don't hold back!

Overall, I was very satisfied and I have several helpings leftover. Next time I will make the parsnip strips (say that 10 times fast) thinner with the hopes they will have a more fry-like taste and texture.

Try it! It's so easy and delicious!

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