Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Could Get Used To This

You would think that with all the free time I have I would be blogging a lot more. I actually forgot that I had a blog for about 20 hours.

The past couple of days I've been playing tennis, golf, and spending time in Charleston. I went downtown with a friend and we met up with some of our friends who live there and went out and spent the night. The next morning I woke up extremely early and walked up and down Coming Street talking on the phone with another Seabrook friend for 45 minutes. It wasn't even 9 o clock at the time and I was already sweating. It takes little time for the temperature to rise downtown!

Once everyone else was functional, we walked to the Charleston Farmer's Market. Oh my gosh. I wish I had taken pictures, but nevertheless, if you ever get to Charleston, GO TO THE FARMER'S MARKET. My friend Maggie said she thought it was one of the top-rated in the country. We saw tents from local eateries, fresh produce, plants, flowers, artwork, jewelry, crafts, etc. I couldn't drag myself away from one jewelry tent where these ladies made mostly pendant necklaces out of old trinkets they've gathered over the years.

We ate at the Mellow Mushroom (SC Chain) for lunch and it was incredible. I had been there several times before, but this time I got the tempeh sandwich (on whole wheat bread, with sauteed mushrooms and peppers, and feta cheese) and it was divine. My friends were chatting away but I was completely checked out and solely focused on my sandwich.

After walking around in downtown Chas for 4 hours, we were all pretty sweaty and exhausted so I considered that my workout for the day.

This morning I walked with my mother for a bit and then I took off running. I think I ran about 2 miles back to the house and then I hopped onto my bike and rode once around the island which is over a 6 mile loop. Guess what? I did NOT fall. Granted, I only stopped once I got back to my house, but I unclipped safely.

NEW GAME PLAN: A website told me that if you are right-handed, you should unclip from your left foot and put your left foot on the ground first. The fact that I was trying to do that with my right foot is counterintuitive from what I've been doing my entire life, so no wonder I fell! For the time being, I'm going to unclip with my left foot first and then do my right as well until I can settle with just doing the left only.

Rome wasn't built in a day!

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