Monday, July 26, 2010

12 Days

This time in 12 days, I will have completed my very first triathlon. Now that I know that it's only 12 days away, I am definitely getting nervous.

This is my plan: enjoy it. If I am the very last person to finish, then so be it. At least I finished!

I have been focusing more on running and swimming than anything else. The pool will definitely be crowded so I want to be bale to hold my own out there. With the bike to help me move along, I don't care if I ride slowly. And since I've done more running races than anything, I am pushing myself for that leg because I know I can do well.

To do: I need to call the park's recreation center and get a map of the course or at least have them put me in contact with someone who has done the triathlon before so I can get some tips. I know, I should have done this a while back, but I've had a lot going on!

Plus: I need to get my bike tuned up! I plan to do that sometime during the work week when they might not be as crowded (?).

This afternoon I got a massage. Massages aren't just special treats for me; they are absolutely essential. Everyone really should get massages; breaking up muscle tension does a body good! If you are in the Louisville area, go see Tsue at Baptist East Milestone's Oasis Spa. She is wonderful and very easy to talk to! Today she worked mostly on my shoulders and neck and on my quads. Last week, I swam and then I lifted weights, and when I went to do lunges, I got HORRIBLE cramps in my thighs that were practically Charlie Horses. Tsue started digging in my thighs and it was so painful, but I feel much better now.

Don't want to spend cashola on massages? Try a foam roller! The best foam roller I've ever used was one I picked up at Fleet Feet Sports. It's DENSE and although it hurts if you aren't used to it, it does feel great after a while. If you have IT Band issues I would definitely recommend using a roller. I heard a tip about buying them: don't get a white one. They aren't as dense!

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