Monday, July 26, 2010

New Blog Features + Workouts

Check out the post below regarding my upcoming Triathlon!

There are two new features on my blog:

1. You can rate entries as either: funny, cool, or interesting. Blogger came up with those original!
2. In the top right corner there is a link to races that I am doing. I will develop that page over time!

Speaking of races, I am doing a 5k this Wednesday. I've done the race before, and it goes through a neighborhood called St. Matthew's, which is pretty flat. My time for the 5k last year was a little over 27 minutes. I know it's going to be close to 90 degrees for the race day this year, so I'm just in it to do a little speed work! Running a race with my Garmin will be fun too so I can see what my splits are!

My workouts for this week:

*Note: I try and plan my workouts, but usually I end up making a few modifications.

Today, Monday the 26th: Morning run, ranges between 3.25-3.5 miles. I run about a 10 minute mile pace, about as good as I can do right now for a 6 am run + tackling three major hills!

Tuesday the 27th: afternoon swim (50 lengths of varying strokes) + strength training (arms, torso, abs). NO LUNGES (I got horrible cramps last time)

Wednesday the 28th: Evening 5k (with lots of hydrating beforehand and a light snack 1 hour beforehand)

Thursday the 29th: Rest

Friday the 30th through Sunday the 1st: Not sure!

Remember, rest is essential for good training!!

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