Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Race Day!

This evening I am participating in a 5k.

It's not even 9 am yet and I already have butterflies. I get nervous before EVERY race, but as soon as the race starts, the butterflies disappear and adrenaline takes over!

Race prep: This morning I had cereal + blueberries, and I have an orange and yogurt for snacks throughout the day. For lunch, I have a monster salad with a mixture of lettuces, sprouts, fresh parmesian, cucumbers, and leftover edamame succotash. I haven't shared that recipe yet, but I will!

The race starts at 7 so at 6 or so I will have some Triscuit crackers and Sunbutter. Some people can't eat that soon before a race...I can...I must!

Most importantly, I'm going to drink plenty of water today (plenty of water being 6 glasses or so). It will most likely be around 90 degrees at race time.

Realistically, I will not see a PR today. The fastest I have ever run a 5k was 25:37 or 25:42...something like that...and that was back in March when the temperature outside was slightly over 32 degrees. I'll be happy if I finish in 28 minutes today!

10 days until the triathlon...

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