Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bad Food Day

So today started out quite well:

-Alarm went off at 6:01 am (again with the weird times)
-Ran 4 miles (1 walk break for approx. 2 minutes)
-Wheatgrass shot with pomegranate juice
-Some healthy cereal (can't remember the name) with Almond Breeze unsweetened chocolate milk and blueberries
-Peach and Soy Joy bar at 10:30 am

Then it went downhill:

-Free bbq for lunch: pulled pork, white bread bun (I ate two bites of the bun and threw out the rest), tater salad that was more like mayonnaise salad, green beans (seasoned with pork) and a sugary chocolate chip cookie
-Another cookie
-Jolly Rancher (1 piece)

Back uphill a bit:

-Sliced cucumber and baby carrots with hummus

I am currently typing with toothbrush in mouth because my teeth felt disgusting. Hey, I feel kind of disgusting. That BBQ put me into a food coma and if a couch had been available I would have been on it.

My eating habits lately have been less than desirable. I DO have to say that my breakfasts and snacks that I pack have been very healthy. However, unfortunately, my office atmosphere is not. For the most part, I have been able to dodge the Krispy Kremes and avoid the birthday cake. The sweet tooth still lingers though. I just realized that it's not going to get better though: it's the nature of sales. Company reps come to our office and give us food, and we entertain customers - most of the entertainment involving a meal.

Solution? I see two right now: A. Willpower: Just gotta stick to my guns. B. Be prepared: Make sure I'm bringing enough food to the office. I can keep a jar of Sunbutter in my desk if I need something sweet. I'm not the type of person to endure a nagging stomach: I have to feed the need!

Tonight's LIGHT dinner: leftovers of a lentil and quinoa burger fail.

Until next time...

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  1. I think we all have days like that. Office parties can be the worst, we actually had one here yesterday but somehow I managed to just eat the chips & salsa, fruit and veggies. I love your solutions and I don't like a nagging stomach either, no fun! Thanks for finding me :)