Sunday, August 15, 2010


Two of my favorite bloggers are currently at the Healthy Living Summit in Chicago. Check out their blogs and their commentary on the Summit here and here.
You don't have to be (at least I think you don't) a fancy-schmancy blogger to attend this event. I'm strongly leaning towards going to this next year. It would be nice to be around a bunch of people who love things I do like:

Green Monsters
Almond Milk

I could go on and on!

This past week has been really nice in terms of exercise intensity. I've been to the yoga studio TWICE, running once, and spinning once. I took off Monday because I was tired and I took off Thursday because...I was tired? Today (Sunday) I'm going to a friend's pool to swim laps and then I might run in the evening. I'm experiencing a weird pain in my right bicep that I notice when I bend my arm at 90 degrees or less. Not good! I'm not sure what it's coming from.

It's a little after 1:30 am on Sunday morning and unfortunately I'm awake. If I don't eat enough food in a day or enough food in my last meal of the day, I usually wake up about this time hungry. Food is something I am really struggling with now. I continue to be hungry and I continue to THINK I am eating a lot - but am I really? How much am I really eating? How much SHOULD I be eating? On Friday I was so proud of myself because I didn't eat a snack between breakfast and lunch. I cannot continue to eat as I did during training and expect to maintain my weight yet I don't want to starve myself. I don't know what to do and I wonder if I should go see a doctor?

The things you think about in the morning...

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