Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Race Results

Hey Everyone,

I got my official times and results on Monday and I was pretty pleased.

In my age group, 25-29, there were 13 participants. Overall, I placed 9th in my group, but I was ranked 6th. Does that mean I was estimated to place 6th? I don't know. Anyway....

Swimming (1/2 mile)
Time: 17:34 (I had signed up estimating I could swim it in 18 minutes, so I was on the money)

Transition 1
5:08. Not so good!! The average transition time in my age group was around 2:50 or 3 minutes. One woman actually placed 8th in front of me because her transition times were shorter...I beat her in everything except by 10 seconds in swimming!

Biking (14 miles)
59:31 (average for my group was about 55 minutes) I didn't work on cycling as much, and I'm new to it, so this time was expected.

Transition 2
2 minutes. The average was about 1:30 so I was a bit better!

Running (5k, or 3.11 miles)
27:19. Now I am REALLY happy with my running time. My legs were tired, it was the last event, and I felt like I was moving at a snail's pace, but I actually had an 8:49 pace!

Another set of facts they included in the results was how you ranked for the individual events within your group. I had the SIXTH best time for swimming, the NINTH best time for biking, and the FOURTH best time for running.

Overall time? 1:51:33!!

I had been guessing I would finish in 2:15:00!

I am absolutely thrilled with my overall time. The adrenaline high from the triathlon is still kicking (not to mention my appetite too).

Yesterday (Monday) was an exercise-free day and I appreciated the rest, but I couldn't have fallen asleep last night even if you paid me. It really is hard for me to fall asleep if I haven't exercised that day. However, I went to Bikram tonight, and the instructor told us that there is a certain pose we should do if we can't fall asleep!

From www.bikramorlando.com

Time to relax!

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