Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday Funday

When people refer to Sunday Funday, they usually refer to drinking. I am referring to activity/exercise of course!

So about that yoga starts at 10, not 10:30. I show up at 10:15, see the schedule posted outside the door, and think "Oh shoot (or maybe another version of that word)." After calling my friend and apologizing for the mess up, we decide to take a bike ride instead. We picked up my bike and drove to Tom Sawyer, which was the location of my triathlon. We rode a few miles through Anchorage, a small town right outside Louisville where I grew up. Maybe I'm partial, but Anchorage is one of the most beautiful areas of the state. It was founded in the 1800's and has lots of beautiful old homes, historic sites, tree lined streets, and maybe 1 stop light?

We met a friend for lunch at The Village Anchor which is a new restaurant in an old building! All three of us started a trend and ordered the curry chicken salad sandwich, and I got mine with fruit. After we were completely stuffed, my friend and I rode to Hobbs Chapel, which is actually nothing more than a threshold and garden now. The chapel was built in the 1800's but it burned down in 1954 save the entrance. We walked to the back of the property to a graveyard that had many of the first settlers in Anchorage. One woman buried there was born in the 1700's!

Later on, we were almost back to Tom Sawyer when I took a tumble. Clips are dangerous! If you are about to fall and you can't clip out in time, you become a victim to gravity. When I landed, I landed on my left palm and totally straight arm. I felt/heard a "nice" pop. I sat on the ground kind of in shock while my friend was worriedly looking at me because I wasn't saying very much. Eventually I got up and finished the ride albeit in a bit of pain. My arm feels the same today, very sore and in a bit of pain, but I had an injury similar to this last fall and I know it's just a contusion or sprain. I'm going to take a couple of days off and ice the area, take Advil, and lightly massage the area. It will probably be better in about a week.

After our ride, we went swimming for a bit and relaxed. Despite my mishap, it was a great day.

Do you ever think about what would have happened if things had stayed according to plan? If I had gotten the Bikram class time correct, would I injure myself in some other way? Is it Karma?

Hope everyone had an injury free weekend...

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