Monday, August 2, 2010

Triathlon Week!!

We are getting close!

Yesterday I got a letter with my race number and start time. I am #85 and I have to be at the park NO LATER than 6 am. I will probably get there at 5:40 am - I like to arrive and depart at weird times. Once I arrive I have to check in and they will write my number on my arms and legs in a marker that won't completely rub off after swimming + sweating.

Today's workout: run 3 miles

Because of a late night/early morning on Saturday/Sunday, I figured I needed to sleep last night and so I skipped a 6 am run. Even though it will be hot this afternoon, I am going to run a non-hilly course so I'll survive. Walking breaks might be a possibility - and that's ok because I need to taper this week.

Tapering: when you decrease the intensity of your workouts so you aren't burned out before an event. My workouts today through Wednesday will be somewhat normal, but my goal is just to keep my muscles moving and warm! Thursday I might do yoga (not hot) or rest, and Friday will be a day of complete rest and hydration.

One good way to hydrate other than drinking tons of water: eat fruit! Watermelon and canteloupe are good suggestions - it's no coincidence that the word "water" appears in watermelon.

Enjoy your Monday...

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