Friday, September 17, 2010

10k Training Update

Training this week has gone well and I've managed to follow my plan so far. I know there will be some weeks when I have to move workouts to different days, and that's ok. As long as I'm doing the workouts and fulfilling my mileage goals, that's what matters!

Tuesday I ran an easy four - we kept a slow pace and the conversation going.

Wednesday was a different story. Steph came over and she was nice enough to do my tempo run with me - which was great - but we were definitely tired afterward! It is extremely hard to run in my part of town without encountering hills, but I mapped the flattest course I could think of, and we set out to do a 35 minutes tempo run.

The plan:

First 10 minutes: warm up, slow, around 10 minute mile
15 minutes: maintain 9 minute mile pace
Last 10 minutes: back to a slow pace

We ended up running 4.21 miles because I forgot to turn us around at an earlier time.

Mile 1: 10:22
Mile 2: 9:09
Mile 3: 9:03
Mile 4: 10:28

So it turned out to be more of a workout than we thought it would be, but that's ok! I'm alternating tempo runs with intervals every week until the 10k to make me a faster, stronger runner. Most people look at speedwork and groan, and it's not easy, but it's essential if you want to be faster!

Try your own tempo run:

-Warm up for 10 minutes at a slow pace for you
-Try running 5 minutes at a pace that is one minute faster than your warmup pace
-Finish with another 10 minutes at your slow pace

The thing with workouts when we are out of school is that you have to be very self-motivated and self-disciplined. When we don't have teammates and/or coaches yelling at us, it is very easy to stop just because you don't want to push yourself. Well, be your own coach! Tell yourself that you've "got this" and that you can do it! Run with friends and they can be your proverbial teammates.

I went to Bikram last night, and today is a much appreciated rest day!

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