Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Detox Week

Lately I've been a lot busier than usual. Work has been busier, my training takes up time, friends take up time, etc. I appreciate having calm(er) nights where I can just relax and read a book. Although last week was fun, I maybe had TOO much fun, so I've decided to call this week Detox Week.

Detox week will entail TWO Bikram classes, a few running workouts, and as many relaxing nights as possible.

I ran both Saturday (4), Sunday (3), and yesterday (3), so today I'm going to Bikram with Stephanie.

Here's the rest of the tentative training for the week:

Wednesday: INTERVALS
I would like to do between 6 and 8 400s at a 5k pace. That means running 6 to 8 sets of a 1/4 mile at 5k pace (which is around 8:45). Warming up is SO important for speed days, so I will probably warm up between 1 and 1.5 miles, do my speed work, and then do a mile cooldown.

Thursday: Bikram
Friday: off
Saturday: run 5
Sunday: cross train OR run 3

The mileage for the week: It will be between 14-16 miles. I ran about 15.25 last week, so I really won't be increasing my mileage this week, and that's ok. I really want to do two Bikram classes this week, and although I wish I could do it all, that's not going to happen. If the race were something a little more substantial than a 10k, then I might be a little more focused. The truth is that I like too many activities. I like to run, I like yoga, I like swimming, etc. I've only played tennis ONCE this summer, and I haven't played golf since July. I doubt my training will be ruined by replacing one running day with something else. Besides, Bikram REALLY works your legs!

Last night, with the physical therapist's blessing, I got in the pool after my run and swam for a bit. They told me that I would not be hurting myself any more by swimming, but I shouldn't dive right in and swim a mile. I swam an easy 10 laps (20 lengths) and did my physical therapy stretches in the pool. Having the support of the water felt great!

When I go to PT, they have me doing strengthening exercises with either 1/2 pound or 1 pound of weight. And you know what? I'm SORE. Thursday is most likely my last visit and then I will do it on my own. The end is in sight!

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