Saturday, September 4, 2010

Farmers' Marketing + Football

What a glorious day! Too bad I'm taking today off from exercise, because this morning would have been a good time to run. Instead, I joined my mother at a local farmers' market.

We decided to eat breakfast there, and I completely forgot to take pictures, but we ate:

1. Breakfast burrito: chorizo, eggs, beans, cheese, homemade salsa
2. Zucchini and gouda scone from Cake Flour

If you're never been to Cake Flour and are in the area, GO!!! They're on East Market street downtown. They don't use artificial anything, which I appreciate. Their flourless chocolate cake is going to be featured on the Food Network soon.

Great Harvest also had a tent, which obviously made me very happy. They weren't offering samples of anything, but my mom ended up getting some lemon bread which looks like it would be good for breakfast.

Mother bought a lot of produce from the Granny's Delight folks. I only ended up buying 2 apples and 2 peaches. I knew I wanted fruit, and a lot of other items looked good, but I felt a little overwhelmed. I didn't want to buy too much and risk having to throw it out later because I didn't eat it.

I enjoyed looking at all of the flowers though:

Today is a HUGE day for football, so I'm off to watch the Kentucky Wildcats play the Louisville Cardinals. GO CATS!


  1. Rachel-I came across your blog by checking Louisville listings on I live in the ville too! I'm curious which farmers market this was? I love Cakeflour!--Leah

  2. Hi Leah! I'm so glad you found me! I was at the one at Beargrass Christian in St. Matthews. Apparently there are only two weeks left of it, but there are plenty of other farmers' markets around the city. I'll have to post a schedule.