Friday, October 29, 2010

The Bikram Effect

Well, my Bikram ego came back in full force last night when the instructor called me out as an example for some poses - including standing head to knee (see Monday's post). I was PUMPED. The class was very full - probably 50 or so people in there - and when you stand out among the crowd it is such a confidence booster. If you do Bikram multiple times in a week it has a cumulative effect in that you just seem to get better and better every class.

Last night was probably one of my top five best classes for the following reasons:

1. A friend was with me. When friends are in class with me, I focus extra hard on what I'm doing.
2. My body temperature stayed regulated. I never felt too cold or too hot.
3. I was able to hold poses longer. We hold poses for 45-60 seconds, and where I might drop out early some days, yesterday I held 99% for the entire time!
4. Good instruction. When the instructor is knowledgeable, both about correct body position and knowing what you yourself are capable of, you know you're in a quality class. Anna, our instructor, is very precise when it comes to body position and she knows what my own practice looks like. Her tips and adjustments are well received and appreciated.
5. Like I mentioned earlier, it was my third class of the week. My body remained limber and ready to take the class head on!

Today is a rest day and I'm grateful for it. I'm also VERY grateful for the fact that two of my best friends are coming to town today and I get to spend an entire weekend with them. We're going to see the band My Morning Jacket in concert, go to parties, eat great food, and catch up!

Happy Friday!

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