Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This past Saturday, my friends and I drove up to Bloomington, Indiana where Indiana University is located. One of my friends and her fiancee are in graduate school there, and the other friend is applying and looking at IU, so it was a productive trip!

On Sunday afternoon, we went to a restaurant on the downtown square called Roots. The restaurant is vegetarian/vegan. No meat! As far as I know, the restaurant doesn't have a website, which is kind of weird, but I did find a semi-complete menu online HERE. It really doesn't do the actual menu justice, but you get an idea.

The restaurant seems to be a Greek/Asian fusion: you can get gyros, falafel, pad thai, stir fry, etc. Everything included lots of vegetables, and the "meat" options were tofu, tempeh, and seitan.

Just so you know:

Tofu: made from soybeans (I've yet to make a successful meal with tofu)
Tempeh: also made from soy, but has a denser texture (easy to work with - I like)
Seitan: aka "wheat meat" which is made from wheat (I'll eat it but I'm not a HUGE fan)

I got their black bean burger (which was made in house) served with veggies and guacamole and sweet potato fries on the side. I think the sweet potato fries were actually baked in the oven, which was fine with me, they were still good.

One of my friends got spring rolls with part of her meal:

To drink, I got yerba mate tea, which I had never had before! They served it to me in a French Press, which I had never used before! Wow, so many first times in one sitting!

I wish that Louisville had a Roots because it was a really great experience. If you are in Bloomington and want to get a delicious yet healthy meal, Roots is the place to go!

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