Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Feelings are good.

The feeling when you finish a race.
The feeling when you leave a Bikram class.


The feeling when you get enough sleep.

This past weekend, I rested BIG TIME. August and September were really busy months and my weekends were spent juggling social obligations, workouts, errands, etc. I couldn't catch a break. Last Friday through Sunday, I rested! My days were still somewhat busy, but I got lots of sleep and didn't drink any alcohol. My body is still thanking me for the break, and I've been waking up easily in the morning and without exhaustion.

This morning I got to eat something that the blogging community calls "Oats in a Jar." Once a jar of nut butter is practically empty, you make oatmeal, put it in the jar, and then eat it from the jar. The remaining nut butter mixes with the oatmeal and whatever else you add to it, and it's delicious. This morning I put oats in my SunButter jar, and also added coconut, chia seeds, and a little bit of Cinnamon Apple Jelly from Stonewall Kitchen. It was a little sweet, maybe too sweet for breakfast, but it's filling! Try Oats in a Jar!

I'm headed to Bikram tonight with Steph. I haven't been in almost two weeks so the class might kick my butt, and that's ok!

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  1. Hooray for OAIJ and rest :) Hope you girls have fun tonight!