Saturday, October 2, 2010


This morning I participated in a 5k to benefit the organization FEAT = Families for Effective Autism Treatment. It was a sort of last minute commitment - I was asked to join a team by a friend - so I said why not?

I wore my compression shorts, a red t-shirt (everyone on the team wore red), and a hat. It was COLD this morning...probably no higher than 50 at the start time. The course was unknown to me, I couldn't find a map online, but I was told that it was mostly flat. There were a few slight hills, but nothing like the hills in Cherokee Park.

My stats:

3.12 miles (course was slightly long or else I started my Garmin too early or stopped it too late)
Average pace: 8:28
Lap 1: 8:49
Lap 2: 8:43
Lap 3: 8:03

So yes, I AM capable of running 8 minute miles! I could see the finish for the last 1/3 of the mile so that probably accounts for why that last mile was so much faster.

Post race I walked around and hit up the concessions. I got a bottle of water, a banana, an apple, and they had Food Should Taste Good chips!! They only had Olive, which I had never tried, but I figured I would like them.

A friend drove me back and said he was going to a yoga class at 10:30, so that inspired me to jump in the car and head to my gym to do a yoga class. On the way I ate my chips and my banana so I wouldn't be dying of hunger.

The class was a 90 minute Vinyasa in a temperate room. The instructor, Matt, has a very dry sense of humor and he's very smart. I hadn't been to one of his classes in many months and he was happy to see me! Vinyasa yoga has a lot more upper body components to it, and my upper body strength is pretty terrible especially since the elbow stopped me from doing weights for 1 month plus, so you can imagine that I was really feeling it! The class was a huge wake up call for my shoulders. My shoulders are pretty tight, and they tend to roll in a bit, but not because of bad posture! Note to self: do more chest opening and shoulder opening exercises!

Now I'm home and I'm eating some whole wheat penne with spinach and a marinara sauce that has all sorts of stuff in it. I see a nap in my future!

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