Thursday, November 11, 2010

Indian Summer

Louisville, KY has some of the craziest weather in the nation. We have wind storms, ice storms, floods, weeks of freezing temperatures followed by weeks of temperatures stretching toward 80 degrees. We had a record hot summer - the highest number of days with temperatures above 90 degrees in the nation!

But let me make one thing clear - the WEATHER does not make you sick. That is one thing that drives me absolutely nuts - when they blame their sickness on the weather. What makes you sick? GERMS. BACTERIA. VIRUSES. Not the weather. Ingrain that into your brain. Spread the knowledge.

Back to the weather...Louisville has had some very pleasant days this week. This will be the third(?) day in a row that we've had temperatures reach the 70s. Although I will run outdoors year round, I am especially taking advantage of this week to run outside in just a tshirt and shorts. Although it's dark by 6 pm, I can leave work and get in several miles before then.

On Tuesday I ran 4 miles and I felt GREAT. Avoiding running on back-to-back days and strength training has improved my running and my miles are faster. Right now I'm not really running for anything except for the mere experience of running, and you really don't need any more reason than that.

After my run on Tuesday I got carryout for a friend and myself from Ramsi's Cafe On the World. I got the Sloppy Falafel which comes with a tzakiti dressing and a small cucumber & tomato salad. Instead of the fried potatoes, I got steamed broccoli. I highly recommend this dish because it is delicious. However, after a 4 mile run, most things are!


  1. Oh, that Falafel sandwich sounds delicious!! I have been wanting to try Ramsi's, now I have something to get.

  2. I had sloppy falafel on Friday night when I went there! It had been a while since I got it but it was just as delicious as I remembered :)