Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ode to Fage

If you haven't jumped on the Greek yogurt bandwagon yet, you're missing out. Greek yogurt is strained more than your average, run of the mill yogurt, so it's thicker and has more of a sour cream consistency.

My first encounter with Greek yogurt was about 2-3 years ago when I put it on top of - wait for it - hashbrowns. My mom makes these amazing hashbrowns with chorizo, onions, bell peppers, and of course the potatoes, and one day we just plopped some Greek yogurt on top, the Fage brand to be exact. It was incredible, and I haven't looked back since.

I buy plain Fage yogurt, and add my own stuff to it: honey, agave nectar, fruit, Grape Nuts, nut butter, Chia seeds, etc.

Next time you're at the grocery, pick up one of those "other" yogurts and look at the nutrition information. The one thing that kills me is how much sugar they have! We're talking 15 grams and upward of sugar per serving! A serving of Fage has around 8 grams of sugar and 17 grams of protein.

Today I had Fage 2% instead of 0%. Best decision I've made today. It was so delicious, and all I added was a spoonful of agave nectar to it.

Check out their website HERE and become a believer.

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  1. Before I decided to go vegan, I was a big fan of Greek yogurt. I loved the high protein and low sugar content. It has taken me a while to find a suitable non-dairy replacement that meets the same standards but I did find an unsweetened soy yogurt that was decent: http://seesaraheat.wordpress.com/2010/06/15/wildwood-probiotic-soyogurt/